We thoroughly inspect website according to the WCAG 2.0 standard by automatic tools, specialists, and users (normal users, people with disability, and senile).

WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Audit

  • We thoroughly inspect the website, page by page, according to WCAG 2.0
  • Identify accessibility issues against WCAG 2.0
  • Provide comprehensive suggestions and example for accessibility improvement.


We use automate tools to primarily evaluate the web site against WCAG 2.0, but some accessibility issues require human judgment and cannot be tested automatically. We check manually again in order to get the correct evaluation and ensure website can be accessible for everyone.

Level of Inspection

  • Inspect overall structure by the team of specialists,
  • Inspect web pages, including site template, pages of each specific contents, and special characteristic pages,
  • Inspect website by web accessibilities tools e.g. screen reader, color contrast analyzer.
  • Inspect user can navigate by use only.
  • Inspect by users e.g. senile and people with disability.


We certify WCAG 2.0 standard level AA and AAA to the websites that pass our inspection to ensure the universal data accessibility to everyone.

Conditions and Process of Certification

  • Set up the scope of evaluation and the level of inspection,
  • Explore the website that requests for evaluation,
  • Select some pages that can be used as a representative in the evaluation,
  • Inspect selected pages,
  • Summarize an evaluation report,
  • Website’s owner modifies the website according to the report’s suggestion,
  • Inspect again to ensure that everyone can access your website.
  • Grant certificate to the qualified website.