WA-001 Course: Understanding the Web Accessibility

This course aims to develop knowledge and understanding of web accessibility, and develop awareness of the website necessity, that the website today must be equally accessible and usable by users from all groups.

Regarding to the information from WHO, there are 285 million people who has visibility problems, and currently, normal websites can’t provide access to these people.

Target Student : Policy Makers, CIO, and regular users
Course Duration : 1 day


  • Understand the development of Web Accessibility
  • Principle of WCAG 2.0
  • Benefits of Web Accessibility
  • Why do we need to make the website being accessible?
  • Misbeliefs about Web Accessibility

WA-002 Course: Design and Develop Universal Accessibility Website with HTML5

This course is designed and developed for web developers in order to create the website that everyone can access and utilize, to notify the developers some usability’s restrictions of people from certain groups, and also to teach some techniques to develop the website to meet WCAG 2.0 standard of W3C.

Target Student: Web Designer and Web Developer
Course Duration: 5 days


  • Knowledge and understanding of Web Accessibility
    • Understanding the use of colors
    • Size of the output that displays on the screen
    • Everyone can reach the message
  • WCAG 2.0 guideline
  • Website Inspection
  • Design the website to be compatible with Web Accessibility
  • Website development guideline
  • Website Inspection with tools

WA-003 Course: Design and Develop Digital Content Media

Do you ever know that documents transforming to Digital Content by several applications perform different effects on the user’s accessibilities. Those documents can probably become obstacles or restrictions to the users. This course will offer how to create Accessible Digital Content that will enhance accessibility, increase the number of visiting customers who will fully use your documents without limitations.

Target Student: Media Designer and Media Developer
Course Duration: 3 days


  • Media design and development
  • Image caption and description
  • Table set up
  • Accessibility prioritization
  • Document properties
  • Bookmark and index creation
  • Accessibility test by Screen Reader
  • Color test by Color Contrast Analyser

WA-004 Course: Develop Accessible Multimedia

This course aims to teach the Multimedia Development that supports people with hearing impaired and multilingual communication by learning tools to create a Closed Caption, both Online and Offline.

Target Student: Multimedia Designer and Multimedia Developer
Course Duration: 2 days


  • Understanding of Universal Design
  • Create Closed Caption for multimedia
  • Create Closed Caption for YouTube Video
  • Create multimedia for web presentation