Web Accessibility กับความรับผิดชอบต่อสังคม (CSR)

People acknowledge that the website plays an important role in forwarding and receiving information. Therefore, web developers and information providers should seriously concern about developing a website which is accessible to everyone in order to create equal opportunities for people from all groups.

Corporate Social Responsibility Aspect

Corporate responsibility or business responsibility mean conducting business ethically, paying attention to all groups of people regardless benefit or non-benefit to the organization, concerning on improvement of the quality of life, and creating good things for society and the environment. Web accessibility development can affect the access to information of employees, shareholders and board of directors, business partners and all groups of customer. Therefore, the web accessibility development is considered part of social responsibility, in order to demonstrate the commitment of the organization to create equal opportunities for people from all groups.

Website Usability Obstacles

Currently, there are many obstacles for elders and disability people to reach information on the website because most websites do not make their pages, tools, to be effectively used for people from all groups. For example, blank alternative text for significant image causes the blind or vague-vision people unable to get the information conveyed by the image. Or when the webpage programming assigns a task to interact with the mouse while using the website, consequently, many people who cannot use a mouse (including people who use via mobile phone) cannot use those functions. These problems are not the impact just for new users, who begin to use the website, but it is also a problem with current users, who cannot access the website as effective as ever due to getting older.

Developing Website to become Web Accessibility, so people from all groups, including people with disabilities (vision, hearing, physical, speaking, cognitive, and sensory disabilities), and the elder can increase equal participation in the society.

Web Accessibility is a term used to describe a website that is accessible and usable by all users which include the elder and the disability.

At the Thaiwebaccessibility.com, we aim to develop the site and ensure that the information, services, news, and other useful elements on our website will be available, accessible, and truly usable for everyone. For information on the website and the ability to access it depend on how the perception of information on the screen is, and how to navigate to each screen. The components that affect these factors, include as follows:

For people with vague or blur vision: the use of color, contrast, font size, and font type selection.

For people with vision impaired or the blind: how the Screen Reader interprets the composition on the webpage such as alternative text for an image (alt), text for a link (link), subtitle text for VDO content.

For people with hearing impaired: how to display the voice information into text format or symbols, such as the caption.

At the Thaiwebaccessibility.com, we aim to develop the website to meet the standard and we are relentless to quest for knowledge and new technologies to ensure the website that has been developed by us, will be the best accessibility for everyone.

Sunday, 3 July 2016